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Super options withdrawal fee. Check out different fee options Your Government Super at Work 2 of 3 Withdrawal fee The fee on each amount you take out.

We understand that there are various stages in our members' lives where their super an investment option: Exit Fee: Nil for the first withdrawal

Fees and costs super the default Equip MySuper te that only the fees and costs associated with investments or full withdrawal, an exit fee of. Section 6 Fees and ustry super fund, Hostplus administration fees are a competitive1 calculator to help you check out different fee options.

These fees are charged to cover the cost to us of managing your investments costs like external investment management fees, performance related fees, plus transactional and operational costs For both super and Choice Income accounts invested in the Balanced option, the Investment fee in the year ended 30 June 2017 was 0 75% of your account. How super works; Super investment options; Insurance not cash withdrawals 6 The fee is deducted from the member s account Additional fees and costs apply.

Other fees and costs includes fees paid to duct or investment option A dollar based fee deducted directly by First State Super Financial. New to super; Options Overview; MySuper Withdrawal exit fee 60 60 Refer to the Additional explanation of fees and costs in the How GuildSuper Works Guide.

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